WVLT Interview

Today, Parker and I had the privilege to meet with WVLT’s Michelle Silva. I told my story behind the whole Peak for Parker fundraiser, and Parker told Ms. Silva what he thought about me and the climb. Tears were shed by everyone during this interview, and I have come to realize what a truly amazing situation I have found myself in. God’s will and plan for my life and for Parker’s is amazing.

WVLT interview with Parker, Michelle Silva and I

WVLT interview with Michelle Silva, Parker, and I

Check out more photos in the gallery!

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2 Responses to WVLT Interview

  1. Parker smith says:

    Nowwait just one minute! I was laughing at mydad crying! Never once did a tearfall frommy eyes! Notto saythat cryingsa bad thing, just I wasn’t crying then!

  2. M.C. says:

    You are two amazing young men and you are right about God’s plan for you both being amazing! Most of all I’m praying that people will surrender their lives to Jesus Christ and ask Him for forgiveness of their sins as they see Jesus through you and Peak4Parker! I’m also praying for an outpouring of support for Parker’s therapy and care. To God be the Glory!

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