Citico Creek Outing

This past weekend, I had the pleasure to head out with my good friend, Quillen, and the rest of Boy Scout Troop 179 into the wilderness. We went on a short 5 mile backpacking trip that involved one overnight stay in the middle of the woods. It was during this time that I finally got to test out my North Face Terra 65 backpack. All the supplies that I brought fit very well in my pack and I had much room to spare. I never got a chance to weigh it, but I would estimate that the pack weighed around 50-60lbs. Despite the weight, it still felt very comfortable on my back. The night was very cold (I think the lowest temperature it reached was about 27 degrees) but, fortunately, I packed prepared for a cold night. I pretty much wore my heavy coat and outer-shell to bed. It may have looked funny, but it was definitely cozy. Dinner was fantastic. We used Quillen’s mini stove and brought along rice and beans, and sausage to cook in his little pot. When all of that is placed inside a Panera bread bowl, the end result is the best dinner I have ever had out on a backpacking/camping trip. Overall, I would say the trip was a success. My trial run for my backpack was successful, and I would say that my stamina is right where it needs to be to efficiently do a short backpacking trip.

Quillen and I

Quillen and I



Our Little Tent

Our Little Tent

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