My plan for donations will be similar to a pledge. Since I am hiking a mountain and conditions on the mountain might force us to call off our hike to the peak, I am setting up a system that will guarantee at least some amount of money to be donated to Parker and his family. Donations will be based upon the height that I climb and donators will pledge a certain amount of money per every foot I climb. Base camp is around 5,400 feet in elevation and I am hiking up to 14,411 feet. That is approximately a 9,011 foot gain in elevation. Suppose you pledged one penny per foot.

$0.01 x 9,011 ft = $90.11

Assuming I reach the peak, you will have pledged a total of $90.11 at $0.01 per foot.

I will have several different pledge levels, each with a different total donation.

  • Platinum
$1.00 per foot
  • Diamond
$0.50 per foot
  • Gold
$0.25 per foot
  • Silver
$0.10 per foot
  • Bronze
$0.05 per foot
  • Copper
$0.01 per foot

I will also be accepting one time donations if you feel that this is easier.

Furthermore , I made t-shirts to help raise additional funds for Parker. This t-shirts can bought online at

If you feel led to donate, Parker Smith and I greatly appreciate your generosity. To donate, please click here.


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